Medal and Citation

At the Investiture of Fellows during the annual President's Gala, each new Fellow is presented with a silver medal and a framed citation which elucidates the reasons for elevation to Fellowship.

The text of the citation is composed by the Jury of Fellows based on the information obtained from the nomination. It bears the date of elevation and the signatures of the President and the Chair of the Jury of Fellows. 
FCSI medals

The silver Fellows’ medal is two inches in diameter, and is suspended from a green and white striped ribbon. The face bears the seal of the Institute, and the back is inscribed with the recipient's name and date of elevation. There have been three versions of the medal, as seen in the illustrations.

It is believed that in 1965, during the annual meeting and convention in San Diego, the Board determined that each Fellow should receive a bright green lapel pin (rosette) as a unique form of recognition. The source of this pin is somewhat obscure but is believed to have been imported from France. Some ten years later the original supply was depleted and no longer available from any known domestic or foreign source. Consequently, its use was abandoned and the green rosette was replaced in 1976 with a gold pin bearing the Institute seal presented to each new Fellow at the time of elevation. Only Fellows of the Institute are permitted to wear the gold pin in lieu of the silver membership pin that any member may wear.

The pin and medal are not intended to be worn together. The gold pin serves as identification appropriate in a business or non-ceremonial environment.

The silver medal is to be worn at ceremonial affairs such as the chartering of a new chapter, chapter awards presentations, region awards ceremonies or banquets, the annual meeting of Fellows of the Institute, and the Celebration of Fellows.


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