Investiture of Fellows

Until the 2014 convention, the investiture of newly elected Fellows took place at the annual CSI President's Gala. In 2014, the President's Gala was eliminated, and the investiture will take place at the "Celebration of Fellows" following the welcome reception.

Participants in the ceremony are the Institute President, Chair of the Jury of Fellows, a narrator member of the Jury of Fellows to read the citations, and four members of the Jury of Fellows to act as escorts of the inductees.

The President announces that the investiture will commence, and introduces the Chair of the Jury of Fellows who then delivers a short recitation concerning the history of Fellowship and the requirements for election to the honor.

After the Chair of the Jury of Fellows has delivered remarks on Fellowship, the narrator reads the names of the recipients in alphabetical order.

When the narrator begins to read each citation, the recipient is escorted to the awards platform. The Fellows medal is put in place by the President, assisted by the Chair of the Jury, and the framed citation is handed to the newly elevated Fellow. The new Fellow is then escorted back and, after being seated, the procedure is repeated until all new Fellows have been inducted.


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