History of Fellowship in The Construction Specifications Institute

In 1959 the Board of Directors of The Construction Specifications Institute, under the leadership of then-President J. Stewart Stein (now FCSI, Honorary Member, Member Emeritus) voted to honor outstanding individuals by deciding to elevate Institute members to Fellowship whose efforts on behalf of the Institute's purposes and principles have been exemplary. The rules adopted by the Board excluded both the Board and Industry Members from consideration for Fellowship. Acting on those decisions, the Board of Directors that year elected the first five Fellows.

In 1960 the rule excluding Board members from consideration for Fellowship was dropped. In addition, the Board created the Jury of Fellows, consisting of three Fellows and three non-Fellows, who would henceforth be responsible for selecting those to be elevated to Fellowship. There is no limit to the number of members who can be elevated to Fellowship in a given year.

Industry Members first became eligible for Fellowship in 1966. That year five Industry Members were selected by the Jury of Fellows.

Qualifications for Fellowship require achievement above and beyond participating in ordinary Institute, Region, and Chapter events or performing normal duties as an Institute officer. A Nominee for Fellowship must have been a member in good standing with the Institute for not less than five years, and have made important contributions in one or more of four categories: advancement of construction technology, improvement of construction specifications, education, or service to the Institute.

With the exception of Honorary Membership, Fellowship is the highest honor for which Institute members may be chosen. It is a title to be accepted with both humility and pride. Its recipients have a high degree of responsibility to uphold the principles of the Institute.


Bylaws of the Construction Specifications Institute concerning Fellowship

Article XII. Fellowship

Section 1. Jury of Fellows, Composition and Terms of Office

a.         The Jury of Fellows shall consist of three Fellows of the Institute, and three non-Fellows; each to be appointed for a term of three years. Appointments of Fellows and non-Fellows to the Jury of Fellows shall be made so that the term of office of no more than one Fellow and one non-Fellow shall expire in any one year. No members of the Jury shall serve two consecutive terms. Members of the Board shall not serve on the Jury.

b.         In the event a member of the Jury of Fellows is unable to serve on the Jury, due to subsequent ineligibility, poor health, or other valid reason, the president, upon receipt of written request from the chairman of the Jury of Fellows, shall appoint a new member of the Jury to serve, and to complete the unexpired term.

Section 2. Qualifications for Fellowship

A professional, industry, or associate member may be advanced to Fellowship if he has been a member for not less than five years, is in good standing, and has notably contributed to the advance­ment of construction technology, the improvement of construction specifications, or of education, or by service to the Institute. Members of the Jury of Fellows shall not be eligible for Fellowship during their tenure in office.

Section 3. Nomination and Advancement

a.         Nominees for Fellowship in the Institute shall be proposed in writing to the Jury of Fellows by any chapter or by not less than five voting members. The proposal shall be executed in the form required by the Jury.

b.         A professional, industry, or associate member may be advanced to Fellowship only by a concurring vote of at least four members of the six-member Jury. If a nominee for Fellowship fails to be advanced by vote of the Jury of Fellows, he shall not be disqualified thereby for later advance­ment. His nomination shall be reconsidered if it is formally resubmitted to the Jury. If any nominee fails to be advanced to Fellowship after the nomination has been under consideration for three consecutive years, at least two years must elapse before the nomination may again be presented for con­sideration.

Section 4. Rights and Privileges

a.         A Fellow of the Institute shall retain the rights and privileges as professional, industry, or associate member, as applicable; and shall have the additional right and privilege to print and otherwise use the initial FCSI as a suffix to his name, or the title -- Fellow of The Construction Specifications Institute.

b.         A professional, industry, or associate member who has been advanced to Fellowship shall retain all rights and privileges of Fellows of the Institute, except voting rights in the event he terminates his membership in the Institute, regardless of subsequent change in membership status, occupation, or retirement. A member having been advanced to Fellowship shall lose all rights and privileges as a member and Fellow if his membership is terminated as provided in Article X, Section 14a, of these Bylaws.



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