Earlier editions of the the Fellows' biographies were published in hardcopy. The costs and difficulties associated with hardcopy publications are obvious, and increased each year as more members joined the ranks of Fellows.

The year 2006 marked the introduction of the online version of the Fellows history and biographies. Use of this format not only saves time and money; it also makes it easier to update. After all the biographies have been published, we hope to make it possible for Fellows to expand their biographies beyond those prepared at the time they became Fellows. We believe this is important, as the need to update demonstrates one of the important characteristics of so many of our Fellows - continued service.

We also hope to update older biographies, adding photographs and other missing information as it is offered by chapter historians and others.

June 2010

Foreword, 1998 Edition

This is the first edition of "Fellows of the Construction Specifications Institute". It is being issued during the 50th year celebration of the founding of the Institute and is dedicated to the Fellows of CSI and all others who have contributed to the advancement of construction technology throughout those years and to those who will continue to share knowledge and experience with others.

It is a compilation of the brief biographies of those who have served in:

  • Advancement of Construction Technology

  • Improvement of Construction Specifications

  • Education

  • Service to the Construction Specifications Institute

and who have been appropriately recognized by CSI and advanced to the status of Fellow of the Construction Specifications Institute.

June, 1998


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