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Construction Specifications Institute


These are the biographies of the Fellows of the Construction Specifications Institute.
Fellows write their own biographies, and submit them at the time of their investiture.

The lists of Fellows by last name and by date contain the names of all Fellows. An asterisk * indicates those Fellows who have passed away, and red font indicates those Fellows who have not submitted their biographies.

In 2007, CSI began using Distinguished Member as the name of its highest award for members, and Honorary Member for the equivalent honor bestowed on non-CSI members. Until all of the files have been edited, either term may appear for members who received this honor before 2007.


The list of Fellows by chapter will be posted later,
after more of the biographies have been posted.


Missing Fellows!
Our records are incomplete; about forty have not submitted their biographies.
Help us by downloading a biography template, filling in the information,
and sending it in, along with a picture of the Fellow.
Better pictures to replace existing ones are also appreciated.
Biography template for Fellows, MS Word
Biography template for Fellows, pdf


Do you have something to add?
Contact Sheldon Wolfe, FCSI, e-mail swolfearch@gmail.com


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