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This is the online home of the Fellows of the Construction Specifications Institute. This site contains information about the history of CSI Fellowship, and the biographies of CSI Fellows.

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The 2015 edition is available. This is our unique website for folks to purchase the hardcopy book. The book also is available at Amazon.com as a Kindle book for only $9.99. You can bundle the hardcopy ($20.00) and the Kindle version at a discounted cost of $23.99 for both.

A letter from Jack Klemeyer,
Chair of the Mentors Committee of the College of Fellows

The list of fellowship mentors for FY 2017 again represents all ten Regions; thank you to everyone who has been willing to serve in this capacity. To see the list of the current Mentors, click on "Becoming a Fellow" at the left, and scroll to the end of the page.

Although we do our very best to get this information into the hands of all Chapter Presidents and Awards Chairs, as well as the Region officers, there are too few candidates for Fellowship that are aware of the program. Please do everything you can to make nominees in your Chapter or Region take full advantage of this opportunity; if necessary, encourage the appropriate mentor to contact the candidate if the candidate is not contacting them. A mentor who knows the candidate well can identify whether the dossier fully represents the nominee's accomplishments, and suggest areas that may need additional information. Even if the mentor does not know the candidate well, I have every confidence that the advice that can be given will be of great benefit. Preparing a proper dossier takes a lot of hard work; please stress to candidates to carefully follow the instructions - and note that this year the material is submittable only electronically.

If you are a Fellow, and are willing to become a Mentor for a few years, please contact Jack Klemeyer at wvk@sbcglobal.net or (415) 664-0134; it can be a very rewarding experience, and you will be providing a wonderful service to our membership. In particular if you have served on the Jury of Fellows, you know how valuable a well-prepared submittal package can be. Thank you for anything you can do to help the mentoring program accomplish the mission for which it was created: helping to assure that worthy candidates for Fellowship are successful.

If you want to learn more about becoming a Fellow, or if you want to find a mentor, click on "Becoming a Fellow" in the main menu.

One of the College's most important programs involves growing the Student and Emerging Professional Fund (SEP). The purpose of the fund is to provide financial resources to support annual programs devoted to promoting the interest of students and emerging professionals in the construction industry and CSI.

The goal of the original program was to build an endowment fund of at least $160,000 to support future student and emerging professional activities. The intent was to use only the interest income to support the student activities in future years at a level of $5,000 to $10,000 per year without the need for additional fund raising.

Initial contributions were brisk, but short-lived. As of October 2016 the SEP account stands at a little over $47,000. Our last fund raising drive, which ended at the annual meeting in St. Louis in 2015, brought in $15,950 in one-time donations and long-term pledges. That same drive netted $1,550 for the Host City Grant fund, which allowed us to increase the 2016 grant from $1,000 to $1,500.

If you have not already contributed to one of our funds, please consider doing so now. If you cannot commit to $250 a year for five years, then consider $100 per year or whatever you can. Your commitment can help the college develop a fund that has a meaningful balance.

Contributing to the fund is easy. Call Janet Piccola, College Bursar, and ask for a donation form.



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